The European Art Center of Greece (EUARCE) was founded in 1979 as a cultural meeting point of the Greek friends of Europe. In its first location, which at the time was 73 Skoufa Street of Athens, several partners of the modern Greek civilization, from both science and politics, who have European diplomas from their studies and career: the poet, Member of European Parliament and Ambassador of UNESCO John Coutsocheras, the painters Panos Valsamakis, Tasos Chatzis and Angelika Tsevas, the writer Stratis Doukas, the members of Association of Modern Greek Literateurs, the members of Dramatic School of the Athens National Conservatory, the members of Greek W.A.Y. Committee, and others.
The Founder and President of EUARCE is Evangelos Andreou, poet, essayist, aesthetician of art, journalist and Professor of History of  Greek Literature (Athens National Conservatory).
In 1985 the European Art Center was legally incorporated. It was formed as a Union , by Decision Nr. 98/85 of the Athens Court of First Instance. Since then it is working with an elected Board of Directors, consisting of 5 members, and with representatives in thirteen countries (U.S.A., Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, India, Lebanon, Kosovo and FYROM).
The aim of the European Art Center is to research scientifically and to study literature, Art History, folklore, philosophy, archeology and architecture. And also to promote and to share out the values of the civilization and of the humanistic sciences.
Up to this da
τe (2008) the European Art Center has actualized:
Educational Seminars of Higher Musical Training (Greek-International Conferens of Musicology and Synthesis, 1987, 1988, 1989) under the management of Florian Dabrowski, professor and vice-president of the Higher State Musical Academy of Poznan (Poland) and of Lefteris Papastavrou, professor of the “Ecole Normale de Mousique” (Paris) and Cape Town University.
National Educational Seminars in Musicology, under the auspices of the Holy Metropolis of Kissamos and Selinos in Creta.
International Pre-conference in Paedagogy and Psychology in co-operation with the Wlodzimiers Kaczocha, professor of Philosophy of the Poznan University,Manolis Chatzimarkos, professor of the Thessaly University and Dr. Elizabeth Pace (San Diego University)
A series of works to promote the Greek and European civilization, in co-operation with the Embassy of U.S.A. in Athens, the Embassy of Spain in Athens, the Embassy of Ukraine in Athens, the Embassy of Turkey in Athens, the Hellenic Arts Institute of New York, the publishers “Parthenon” and “Cosmos” of New York, the “Bridge” Gallery of New York, the Arcadian Federation of America, the Consulate General of Greece in New York, the management of the Inernational Exhibition “Europ’ Art” of Geneva, the management of the Inernational Exhibition “Euro’ Art” of Barcelona, the Club “Kyklos” of Calcutta - India (programme of “Greek Days”), the International Association of Litterateur Critics (AICL-Paris, under the auspices of UNESCO), the ASBMH (programme of Byzantine Studies of the University of Pittsburgh-U.S.A.), the Town Halls of Athens, Phaliro and Paeanea of Greece, and others.
A research programme of international music, of all epochs under themanagement of Olympia Tolika (the “Dictionary of Byzantine Music” and the “Universal Dictionary of Music”).
Historical research and study of wall-paintings of the leading icon-painter of 18th century, Georgios Markou Argeius (studies of post-byzantine art in Venezia).
A research programme of Greek literature of the period 1920-1940 (Historical research and study of the literary work og Stratis Doukas, eminent writer of the literary generation of 1930 – archives of Thessaloniki University, private archives, etc).
The photographical recording and study of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine wall-paintings of East Attika.
A National (Greek) Conference with the subject “Video and Child” (Conference Room of the European Union, Zappeion Building, Athens).
Organising (1990) an European campaign in to found an Editorial Biennale in Greece, with the subject “Editorial Athletic Salon” (Exhibition of the European Athletic Press and Books).
Publishing (up to this dade - 2008) of 45 volumes of books and magazines (poetry, history of art, musicology, scientific essays, modern simplified medicine, dictionary, etc.)
Publishing of the magazines “EI” (1993) and “Apodemon Epos” (1997), international publication.
Publications of the theoretical part of the Byzantine Music and Hymnography, from the authentic original texts of the “Patriarchical Style”, 1997-1998 (under the auspices of His All Holiness Bartholomew I, Oecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople).
Research on subjects of ancient greek Mythology and History, in European music. (1999).
Organising (2004) the European Conference of Literature in co-operation with the International Association of Litterateur Critics -AICL (under the auspices of Greek Ministry of Civilization and the Paeanea’s Town Hall).
Organising (2006) the Historic-Ecclesiastic Museum of Paeanea “The Navity of Christ”.
Co-organising (2007-2009-2011 and 2013) the International Conference “Byzantine Musical Culture” of the American Society of Byzantine Music and Hymnology (ASBMH) – Byzantine Studies Inviative of the University of Pittsburgh (under the auspices of: Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Greek Ministry of
Education and Religious Affairs - His All Holiness Bartholomew I, Oecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople - Paeanea’s Town Hall).
“Degree of Honour” and “Demosthenion” medal by the Town Hall of Paeanea
“Degree of Honour” by the EEEBE of Paeanea
“Degree of Honour” by the International Conference - Lesvos 2010 – of “Association Internationale de la Critique Litteraire – A.I.C.L.)



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